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木村 トモヒロ


Sacred Heart Music Studio

Brief Professional Experience:


· Taught violin courses at renown music institute, China.

1987- present

· First violinist of prestigious Symphony Orchestra, Tokyo

· Teach private music lessons – many students are active members of symphony orchestra across the United States and Europe.

· Active in orchestra programs for charity

Sacred Heart Violin Studio Location:

Studio conveniently located, within 15 minutes walking distance from many bus and subway stations (Tamachi Station, Mita Station, Akabanebashi Station, Azabujuban Station) via the following bus or subway routes.

ü JR山手綫(Yamanote Line)

ü 京浜東北綫(Keihintouhoku Line)

ü 搭乘東京都營淺草綫(Toei Subway Asakusa)

ü 東京都營三田綫(Toei Subway Mita)

ü 京都營大江戶綫(Toei Subway Oedo)

ü 東京地下鉄南北綫(Tokyo Metro Namboku Line)

Please contact the Studio for more details

Email address: seishinmusic39@gmail.com

Musical Instrument Requirement:

· Studio will provide a violin for practice lessons

· Students are welcome to bring own violin for practice

· The Studio also provides tuning services

· For violin purchases, please contact the Studio for details

Private Lesson:

All Ages -- Beginners to Mid and Advance Levels

· Fee per private session is 7000 Yen for a 70 minutes lesson, paid at close of each session

· All lessons will be taught in Japanese, Chinese, or English

· The Studio also offers optional in-home private lessons, fee per lesson 10,000 Yen for a 70 minutes lesson, fares are not included.

· All sessions are by appointment only as Mr. 木村 トモヒロ has a very busy travel schedule with the orchestra

Welcome Note:

Through the Sacred Heart Music Studio's training, I am happy to my many years of professional orchestra experience to my music students. At Sacrad Heart Music Studio, we also welcome children and beginners. I am honored to devote myself to help you develop your path to music. For adults with busy work schedule, please consider making individual appointment and discuss course scheduling. Sacrad Heart Music Studio also welcome students who wish to learn how to read music notes.

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  1. I was a former student of Mr. 木村 トモヒロ. I started taking violin lessons with him in 1971. Mr. 木村 トモヒロ was my first and only violin teacher for eight years. With his wealth of musical knowledge and patience, he not only taught me the skills of performing but also led me into the beauty of classical music. Due to a busy life style living in the United States, I lost my contact to Mr. 木村 トモヒロ.

    After making a great effort looking for him for many years. With my brother’s help, after 28 years, I finally found Mr. 木村 トモヒロ and reunited in Shanghai in 2009.

    After many years, I began practicing violin again with his constant inspirations and encouragement. Now I often play at friends’ weddings and birthday parties. Indeed, Mr. 木村 トモヒロ has made a great influence on me and lots of joy to my life as well as my friends. His tremendous talent, expertise and experience in music are admirable.